Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Iphone camera


i downloaded photos through iphoto and manually deleted photos from camera roll
now, 'camera' will not open, saying that there is not enough room to take additional pictures and advises to delete some existing pictures
'camera' roll says that there are no photos and that i can take photos 'photos' also says that i can take photos
neither restoring via the phone settings or via itunes has not solved the problem
any ideas? is this another expensive, underperforming jobs product now that he's prepping for retirement?

  1. I just had this problem solved.

    1. Use your finger and press on the lense towards the phone.

    2. Re-boot the iphone.

    this should solve it hopefully.
  2. listen i undrstand ur problem and i hav a solution fr this........i know u all usually use ziphone 2 unlok iphone but that brings another extra icon in iphone as zibris blog and other files as that causes many problems.....better unlock it with a software called iliberty........thats te best way 2 escape this problem

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