Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Iphone call problem


Hi, I can make and receive calls but i can hardly hear the person on the other end. Even when the volume is full or on speaker it sounds like they're miles away but they can hear me. Also it always says call forwarding active and i can tap dismiss. What can I do so I can hear clearly?

  1. First, try restoring it. Plug it in to the computer and Click Restore When it pops up in itunes. Please note that this will destroy all data on the phone.
    If that doesnt work, call apple.

Iphone camera


i downloaded photos through iphoto and manually deleted photos from camera roll
now, 'camera' will not open, saying that there is not enough room to take additional pictures and advises to delete some existing pictures
'camera' roll says that there are no photos and that i can take photos 'photos' also says that i can take photos
neither restoring via the phone settings or via itunes has not solved the problem
any ideas? is this another expensive, underperforming jobs product now that he's prepping for retirement?

  1. I just had this problem solved.

    1. Use your finger and press on the lense towards the phone.

    2. Re-boot the iphone.

    this should solve it hopefully.
  2. listen i undrstand ur problem and i hav a solution fr this........i know u all usually use ziphone 2 unlok iphone but that brings another extra icon in iphone as zibris blog and other files as that causes many problems.....better unlock it with a software called iliberty........thats te best way 2 escape this problem

Iphone touchscreen not working


I get dropped down to floor by me and now its upper half touchscreen is not working, i tried dozens of times to get it set by RESTARTING (Holding HOME & Power Button) but it didn't worked. I'm in India and there is no apple store to visit nearby. I am not an AT&T User.

  1. I think my solution for my Viewty will work for the iPhone

    I found a solution for the LG KU990 Viewty touchscreen not responding problem. After thinking about twisting my phone, I came up with another solution which actually works every time. The touchscreen works via layers of plastic that when contact is made, a signal is triggered from the coordinates of the contact. However, when the phone has pressure, these layers of plastic stick together somehow. So, to fix it.... Get a small strip of adhesive tape that will not leave a sticky residue on your screen. Apply that tape in several spots on the surface of the screen, and lift it away from the phone with light pressure. Repeat this in several areas of the screen. That's it. You're done. Your screen should function properly. Simply recalibrate the touchscreen at this point in your settings menu. I hope it helps everyone with any type of touchscreen. I know it helped me. The touchscreen phones are totally useless using only the hard keys!
  2. baby its gone now your have to get the screen changed which u can buy online or wait till iphone launched in india
    try one diffrent solution
    that is
    use colin to clean the screen with tissue and that will work

IPhone - Cannot connect to YouTube


I have an iPhone with an AT&T Contract but had to activate the phone using JailBreak and iPhone interface, everything works fine except for the YouTube icon, it displays the message "Cannot connect to YouTube".
Any suggestions/workaround is greatly appreciated.

    i follow these step and now youtube works
  2. I have been having a very hard time with my iphone not connecting to YouTube as well. I finally got it working!!
    Here is what I did:
    1) restore back to 1.1.4
    2) When Itunes asks for restoring or New phone, PRESS EJECT
    3) Use iliberty to hack the phone but make sure that ONLY jailbreak me and installer is selected
    4) After the hack is over
    5) Restart Itunes and select the Iphone as being New
    Step 1: backup your settings and files on itunes
    Step 2: restore iphone to default
    Step 3: try Youtube before Jailbreak to make sure its working
    Step 4: ***important*** run ziphone for JAILBREAK only!
    YouTUBE remains working. when I tried to DO-IT-ALL youtube never worked afterwards.
    Step 5: Sync iphone to get your settings, contacts, emails back
  4. settings > general > reset > reset all network settings.
    just had the same problem and it worked for me.

Apple iPhone Smartphone Cannot connect Youtube on iphone


I have a unlocked version of iphone i have been able to use safari and other features over EDGE network but when i try to connect to Youtube it says "cannot connect to Youtube"

    Step 1: backup your settings and files on itunes
    Step 2: restore iphone to default( this will erase everything)
    Step 3: try Youtube before Jailbreak to make sure its working
    Step 4: ***important*** run ziphone for JAILBREAK only!
    YouTUBE remains working. when I tried to DO-IT-ALL youtube never worked afterwards.
    Step 5: Sync iphone to get your settings, contacts, emails back
  2. This worked for my 1.1.4 version.
  3. he right steps are go to installer and:
    1. add source
    2. install youtube activation under Unlock tools
    3. restart the iphone
    4. uninstall youtube activation
    5. restart the iphone
    6. install youtube activation
    7. restart the iphone
    8. test the youtube app. It will work now

Apple iPhone Smartphone Bluetooth problems iphone


My iphone will not detect other bluetooth devices or allow any others to send to it

  1. I have found that so far the Iphone only detects apple bluetooth products. I have tried my sony stereo headset and handsfree kit and they won't detect but the apple headset does
  2. This is not strictly true - my iPhone connects wonderfully to my Plantronics Voyager 520 headset. It will not connect to other phones, headphones, etc. via bluetooth. It is intentionally crippled and will only connect to a headset via bluetooth.
    My guess is that Apple sells songs and doesn't want you trading them around to your friends via bluetooth. Whatever the reason, it's quite annoying.
  3. why Apple think ringtones will rule a good PDA like iPhone?
    anyone can make ringtone with they iTunes Apps:

    1) get any song/mp3 cut down to what you need as ringtones
    2) in iTunes saveas /export that song to *.aac, iTunes will save it in your harddrive as *.m4a
    3) go and find that file in tour PC/Mac, and rename it to *.m4r then imports it back to iTunes. it will show up as ringtone in your iTunes sectioc
    4) Transfer to your phone as ringtone. Now you have it

Apple iPhone Smartphone Sync iphone to outlook


Can anyone instruct me how to synchronize my iphone to my outlook.

  1. My favorite sync company - companion link - offers sync for iphone
  2. Go to outlook about..... look at the disabled options and enable imac options, restart outlook and you should be good to go
  3. I also had problem getting my contacts and calendar to sync with outlook 2003 therefore I figure there are 2 things needed to be done first:
    * On the Outlook tabs click help ->check for updates. When you have the latest update try to sync again.
    * If it doesn't work, first back up all your contacts and calender. Click help->detect and repair.
    Try to sync again it should work this time!