Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Iphone touchscreen not working


I get dropped down to floor by me and now its upper half touchscreen is not working, i tried dozens of times to get it set by RESTARTING (Holding HOME & Power Button) but it didn't worked. I'm in India and there is no apple store to visit nearby. I am not an AT&T User.

  1. I think my solution for my Viewty will work for the iPhone

    I found a solution for the LG KU990 Viewty touchscreen not responding problem. After thinking about twisting my phone, I came up with another solution which actually works every time. The touchscreen works via layers of plastic that when contact is made, a signal is triggered from the coordinates of the contact. However, when the phone has pressure, these layers of plastic stick together somehow. So, to fix it.... Get a small strip of adhesive tape that will not leave a sticky residue on your screen. Apply that tape in several spots on the surface of the screen, and lift it away from the phone with light pressure. Repeat this in several areas of the screen. That's it. You're done. Your screen should function properly. Simply recalibrate the touchscreen at this point in your settings menu. I hope it helps everyone with any type of touchscreen. I know it helped me. The touchscreen phones are totally useless using only the hard keys!
  2. baby its gone now your have to get the screen changed which u can buy online or wait till iphone launched in india
    try one diffrent solution
    that is
    use colin to clean the screen with tissue and that will work

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