Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Apple iPhone Smartphone Bluetooth problems iphone


My iphone will not detect other bluetooth devices or allow any others to send to it

  1. I have found that so far the Iphone only detects apple bluetooth products. I have tried my sony stereo headset and handsfree kit and they won't detect but the apple headset does
  2. This is not strictly true - my iPhone connects wonderfully to my Plantronics Voyager 520 headset. It will not connect to other phones, headphones, etc. via bluetooth. It is intentionally crippled and will only connect to a headset via bluetooth.
    My guess is that Apple sells songs and doesn't want you trading them around to your friends via bluetooth. Whatever the reason, it's quite annoying.
  3. why Apple think ringtones will rule a good PDA like iPhone?
    anyone can make ringtone with they iTunes Apps:

    1) get any song/mp3 cut down to what you need as ringtones
    2) in iTunes saveas /export that song to *.aac, iTunes will save it in your harddrive as *.m4a
    3) go and find that file in tour PC/Mac, and rename it to *.m4r then imports it back to iTunes. it will show up as ringtone in your iTunes sectioc
    4) Transfer to your phone as ringtone. Now you have it

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